Between Camera, Screen… why I love this one for express my emotions

Ok, this is a big deal, few years ago I started to discovered and little by little loved photography again more later I started to have a interest on videoshooting and editing videos.

My first interest in photography types, this was minimalist photography, that helped me so much in connection with borderline personality disorder, I inclued a lot of white inside the photographs it is calmed me in high swing moods.

In follow I started to put myself in photography, I do a project or a photograph express the symptoms of borderline personality disorder or Anorexia.

Today, I work always a lot on minimalist photography and photography for express my emotions.

On another side I’m a camera obsession for take video and to do editing videos, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, I want this in my job. If a day I had the ideas of editing video on mental disorders.

The videos shootings are less a types for expressed my emotions it’s just that when I’m working on that, I’m feel good and I love that, I forgotten my mental disorders when I’m working on this, I can entirely focus me on that. The mental disorders are a other side at these moments.


I think that THE PHOTOGRAPHY can be a THERAPY for RECOVERY of MENTAL DISORDERS like principally BPD, Depression, Anorexia.


The photography helps me to recovery of anorexia, see the post about here.


Photography fight mental disorders, this is my story on that subject.

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