Anxious Appointments!!!

Friday I had two appointments in the framework of a disabled adult allowance that I asked for could continue to do the same activities cause previously and before that I had 20 years my parents received a disabled child allowance but now it is finish, we have done a demand for Adult Allowance and after 4.5 months of waiting for a answer. There is few weeks I had a letter for go to at two appointments on Friday (a Medical, another Professional) for give a suit at folder for the demand before he pass on the commission for the decision final.

These appointments stressfully me several days before cause I hate medical or professional appointments cause I cannot talk at unknown in front of me and awerses to some questions.

Stressful was cause of the medical appointment, anxious that the Dr ask my weight what it is happen and same if the imc on internet say all that I’m underweight the more smaller imc, this Dr does not have to pay attention at my weight, Relieved!

… but a lots of questions on my school past, and a lots of questions on my life and it was hard.

Cause I can’t talk, my mom come with me and talk at my place, I’m adult it’s not good but I have social problems and they saw in real that I have problems.

This was so anxious these appointments, OK, Now, I must wait again and receive a answer during July-August normally.

Appointments are not always easy, mostly when you have problems with communication  for unknown.


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