Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

Hello, it’s another post with vacation recap today. It’s the recap of days 6 & 7.


On this day, the first dispute with my sister to burst while until this day during the trip, any again happened and after this first dispute, the tension was hard in our relationship. But a good thing like same, it’s the first time in a trip that we spent much days without disputes. Generally, it’s after one or two days and here. SIX DAYS, the first time as long as, it’s crazy like same. And it was good to have spent so much days for the first time without dispute. The big problem in my sister behavior is when you try to talk to her she answers always with provocation. So, I worked hard on myself during this trip and contrary to usually, do not reply to his provocations and I can tell same if it was not easy, that’s worked good because it gives to her less of importance and she was not good to see that I did not reply like the previous years on others trips.


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Day 6.

On day 6, it was sunday and on this day, we have planned to go at a beach (Plage de Tahïti) on the other side of Ajaccio to 15 minutes driving and we have chosen to stay many hours in the mid of the day. We let the apartment at 11h00am and for to go at the beach we were ahead of the port and I saw again a cruise ship, this one was little but it was like same a cruise ship and I was so happy.

img 6948 1 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

We ate sandwiches on the beach. I have chosen a cheese and chicken sandwich.

img 6958 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

Feet in the sand. I love that!

img 6959 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

img 6973 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

We stayed about 5 hours on the beach and during this time, I put my feet in the sea, I enjoyed the hot weather under the beach umbrella, I put few times sunscreens and I mostly slept on my comfortable towel. I loved.

img 6978 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

img 6976 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

I ate a Nutella Waffle on the beach also.

img 6983 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

img 7008 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

At 05h00pm we are back in the apartment and during that my family did each another thing, me I played with dominoes and mikado on the terrace.

We ate at the restaurant for dinner. Look at this beautiful entrance of the restaurant. But before going to eat at the restaurant a big dispute to burst with my sister because she doesn’t wanted lock the windows of the apartment while I have in the apartment all my expensive photography materials. After this time the tension was hard.

img 7020 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

And the view during dinner same if towards the end of the dinner it was the night.

img 7023 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

I ate some Pasta with pesto sauce…

img 7031 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

… And a chocolate fondant for dessert.

img 7032 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

And we went to sleep.


Day 7.

Wake up at 6h30am and let’s time to go outside for see the sunrise. The most time of this trip, I was the first one out of bed.

img 7036 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

7518832448 img 1923 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

7518832448 img 1944 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

After back to the apartment for get dressed correctly and eat my breakfast.

img 7037 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

At 08h15am, I was already ready and during the rest of my family get ready, I’m laying down on the lounge chair to enjoy the temperature who was already hot 28°C/82°F and the sun during looking the view on sea.

img 7050 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

On this morning we went in a mall for look the stores.

img 7055 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

… AND this morning I saw the most bigger and almost the best beautiful thing that I never see in my life.

This giant cruise ship in the port of Ajaccio. OMG, it was so cool, he was so bigger. This enormous ship comes from AIDA, a German cruise company. I searched on the internet and this ship is entered service on April 25, 2016 and his height is of an overall length of 300.00 m, moulded beam of 37.60 m, and maximum draft of 8.00 m. He has a capacity of 3,300 passengers and 900 crew members. It’s crazy. It’s my an of my favorite of this trip. R.E.A.L.L.Y!

img 7074 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

img 7076 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

Later we are back to the apartment for lunch. And I ate strawberries like snack in afternoon because I love strawberries. On the afternoon we went more later on the beach as we went only at 05h00pm during about 1h30.

img 7093 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7


img 7094 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

Have you a Apple Watch? How does she react when you took her at the beach?

The mine during this trip, I loaded it almost every single night while at home I load it every two nights. Ggrrr.

img 7100 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

img 7110 e1531829710390 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

After dinner I ate this plate full of whipped cream, just beacause my sister took my yagourt for provocate me. No react to this provocations and I had fun to eat this.

img 7117 - Ajaccio 2018: Days 6 & 7

That’s wrap days 6 & 7.


Next week, new recaps could be here on my blog.


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