A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

This is A Day In The Life post… I did a post like this in May on a special day and I wanted to do one during the summer holidays.

This is a little Summer/bored life.

This is my yesterday day.


img 9818 e1502346192659 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Alarm clock is at 08H30AM, I’m a so much tired these last times with my sleep delay cause of my Anxiolytic Stop, I took one month of delay in my “normal” sleep.

img 9819 e1502346232361 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Breakfast with Slice of Nutella bread, some Actimel and my Lamictal.

img 9820 e1502346314573 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

I went to prepare me after for the day.

img 9826 e1502346330541 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Around 09H00 I went on my laptop for check my everyday things and work a little on my blog all on my bed.

img 9827 e1502346351634 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Sun was a little out, I decided to go outside I drunk Oasis Fruits…

img 9830 e1502346364452 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

… and I snuggled with my cat in the backyard.

img 9833 e1502346402475 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Around 11H30AM I accompanied my mom which had a Homeopath visit cause she asked me.

img 9834 e1502346413443 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

We were back at home around 12H30PM, it was Lunch time, for once time I ate the same lunch that my family: Duck Hachis Parmentier.

img 9835 e1502346431240 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

The sale was here in France for once time I founded some clothes in sale (usually I do not found something in sale I don’t know why) for back to school… The packets are arrived, I opened them.

img 9836 e1502346444221 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Follow by try these new clothes, the size was good, I have often the problem for found a good size mostly in jeans.

img 9837 e1502346461500 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Follow by a Double Chocolat Ice cream.

img 9838 e1502346472419 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Around 02H00 I went on my laptop for work on my post of the day accompanied of my bed;)

img 9839 e1502346485990 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

It’s 03H00PM when I left the home for go to a rendez vous.

img 9844 e1502346553704 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

The weather was not enough hotter for that I go in HotTub.

img 9849 e1502346571513 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

On way of back, we stop at KFC for a Chocolat Cream Ball, Yeah! two Ice Cream in the same day, It is not this winter that I go eat ice cream and this month, I eat less of Ice Cream that in July month.

img 9850 e1502346612962 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

I took a break in my bed, I’m really tired these last times and it’s summer.

img 9851 e1502346629661 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

I went talk at my parents a little, after I’m come back in my room and posted my post at 06H30PM.

img 9852 e1502346650673 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

I bought new little things, and I throw old things for do not add things in more in my room.

img 9855 e1502346668553 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

07H00PM it’s dinner time at menu I made me: swedish bread, with cheese and Salmon.

img 9857 e1502346688472 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

I tried to eat a Stracciatella Yogurt in dessert it’s hard to eat yogurt for me but this one it’s better cause the texture is less liquid!

img 9858 e1502346705452 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Shower and lotioned… I’m ready for my special summer nights (special in my Summer list).

img 9861 e1502346715591 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

Who is watching, my favorites Tv Shows in streaming.

img 9864 e1502346724432 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

I’m down in the living room for say good night at my parents and snuggle and play a little with my cat.

img 9866 e1502346734288 - A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

And tired I went sleep and I took sweet time with my blanket and plush for take a calm time… That’s wrap my day!


This is my day.


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We were at the end of Summer holiday… almost, for take a time… for that I explore these last time, I start a little break on the blog from today to next friday.




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