50 Pictures that I LOVE.

I recently passed the number of ten thousand photos in the camera roll of my iPhone.

On this occasion, I decided to come back, look and pick up 50 favorite pictures on the ten thousand of photos that I have. It’s enormous and hard to chose just fifty.

I chose to do that for remembering and do not forgot the photos that I could take between september 2012 and today. I wanted put them on the order by dates but finally, fifty it’s a big number and finally a very little number on ten thousand that they are mixed the photos.


Let’s go.

This one on Disneyland Paris in november 2012.

This one comes of a summer trip in 2014, I added a filter to the original photo and I love with the pink sky.

This huge vanilla soft ice cream.

Eiffel Tower.

A view of the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

This photo was took approximately to 6h40am during a flight with the sunrise, it’s so beautiful sunrise view of a plane.

Photo took on the île saint-magueriture nearly of Cannes.

Nice port.

What I love particularly in Monaco, it’s the green spaces, I’m feel good there.

Cannes on a spring break.

A little trip to the zoo.

I love so much take pool reflections photos.

A view by night after a take off on the city of Bordeaux.

Feeling so much sadness, kindness, loves on Nice terror attack memorial in september 2016.

Promenade du Paillon, Nice by night, lighting with blue, white, red.

Beach, promenade des anglais.

A thing that I love to do in airports, it’s watching moving walkway, I found that fun.

Welcome in a cloudy airspace.

I just love, she comes of Musee Oceanographique at Monaco.

I love so much the Cannes green spaces with palms.

Marineland, Antibes, April 2017.

Cannes evening beach time.

Ferries departure of Corsica, last summer.

Summer beach times, I love take photography with footprints in sand.

Cruisin view.

Promenade des anglais, Nice.

Sunset on Promenade du paillon, Nice.

Nice view.

In september 2017, on Nice terror attack memorial.

Europa Park by Halloween season.

Drinking with a nice weather a hot chocolate of Starbucks after a psychiatrist visit.


Europa Park by Christmas season.

So magical.

Ice Skating birthday.

Sled Dogs in a white world.

My cat is my love. So sweet when he comes for snuggle.

Skiing in a fog time.

Marineland aquariums.

Spa time.


This was a little view of 50 photos that I love, chose among ten thousand. Just a awesome come back and memories in these recent or old pictures.



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    Some awesome photos there!

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      Oh! Thank you so much😊

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